Latteria 2.0: beyond the idea of a bar

Latteria 2.0 is a young company (founded in September 2017) created by young people who had a pretty precise idea in mind: to offer a completely new concept of a bar.

Eco-sustainability, respect for the environment, and paying attention to the quality of life and zero-mile products: these are the key principles of the Latteria 2.0. philosophy.

What is Latteria 2.0?

We want to aim at the idea of a healthier and more creative bar.

For us, the bar is most of all a place to come together and get refreshed. It’s a place for those who love to have company in the pleasantness of a simple but very neat environment.

We’ve been inspired by the “bar-latteria” from the past, adding a modern touch to what the district botteghas represented back in the day: a meeting point for young people and for the families. For this reason, we’ve chosen a 1950s retro design, sober but at the same time warm and welcoming.

We offer our customers exclusively high quality products and a variety of products to choose from – products that can satisfy even the most demanding tastes, but at the same time meeting the trend of living a healthier and more eco-friendly lifestyle.

In order to reach our goal, we have decided to combine innovation and tradition, the great Italian classics of the coffee shops, pastries and ice cream parlors and unusual and original ideas. The whole artisan production is based on the use of organic, zero-mile and high quality raw ingredients.

For this reason, if you feel like stopping by for your breakfast or a relaxing 5-o’clock tea, if you need some refreshment after a hot summer day and feel like getting yourself some delicious ice cream, or if you need an elegant fancy cake for a special occasion, if you need a coffee break on a long work day or if you feel like having a delicious alternative to the usual panino for lunch, Latteria 2.0. knows exactly what you are looking for.

In our open plan laboratory you can watch our confectioners at work while they are preparing the daily amount of pancakes, crepes, waffles, traditional and modern pies and cakes, cupcakes, biscuits and more. With their experience and creativity they are able to put together also delicious cups of artisan ice cream. They also add a modern touch to the great coffee shop classics (try our coffee with two types of chocolate…sublime!) and create sumptuous tarts, true masterpieces of cake design.

Are you looking for refined and exotic flavours? Try our blends of tea (classic, flavoured, and made of green tea): you will be surprised by their intoxicating and spiced fragrance.

Are you health-conscious but don’t want to abdicate taste? Apart from alternatives to traditional milk like soy, rice or almond milk, or just lactose free milk, we offer wonderful infusions for your well-being and with antioxidant, depurative, regenerating and digestive properties. Or what about shakes and smoothies made of fresh fruit and rich in vitamins?

We also have a very exciting new offer: “Bubble Tea”, a fresh drink based on green tea, jasmine tea or rice milk and fruity pearls.

We are obsessed by quality.

Our concept has come from an idea and that idea has been developed based on a principle: the quality is most important!

FIRST: the Quality of the Product.

We are convinced that the secret to winning people’s hearts (and tastes) is very simple: offering something genuine and delicious, made with love by experts who know exactly how to transform high quality raw ingredients into little masterpieces.

SECOND: the Quality of the Service.

As already said, we are a young company and our staff is young as well, but at the same time prepared and professional: we have chosen our employees with care because we aim at giving the customers something like a cosy “being at home” feeling…not just through our goodies but also by experiencing moments that are worth remembering.

THIRD: the Quality of the Environment.

Latteria 2.0. should be a place open to everybody and therefore convenient for everybody: this is why we have created a calm environment, simple but neat down to the last detail. We have chosen a pure nordic style for the interior design, basic and sober, to which we have wanted to add a sense of the past times.

Our eco-sustainable choices.

Not only are we passionate about quality: we would also like to participate – as far as possible – in the cultural change taking place in order to live a more eco-friendly way, which respects the environment and we do so by using organic and zero-miles ingredients.

We are convinced that eco-friendly behaviour is not a huge effort but a real opportunity: in the long term the advantages and convenience of those choices will pay off, in both energy savings as well as positive feedback from the clients, who are constantly more aware of environmental issues.

We strongly believe that each and every one of us should contribute to this movement in order to make life more sustainable. Therefore, we are working on three aspects:

FIRST: use of zero-mile products.

We have decided to buy the raw ingredients like fruits and vegetables from local farmers that live nearby, not just for environmental reasons but also to support and value our territory. If certain products are not available locally, we still follow the idea of the short supply chain (for example for the purchase of flour).

SECOND: use of organic products.

We favour organic products and raw ingredients starting with the coffee shops. For example, we serve organic Lavazza Alteco, a good coffee cultivated without pesticides and coming exclusively from organic and UTZ certified agriculture or produced under the principles of sustainable agriculture that respects the environment and without discomfort for the workers or local residents.

THIRD: the culture of energy savings.

Every day we promote the culture of energy savings by using LED bulbs that concume little energy, the prudent use of heating and cooling systems and a correct separation of waste. Furthermore, we have equipped our shops with eco-friendly furniture only (wood and pellet), bought ecological dishware in order to reduce the environmental impact of cups and trays for our take away ice cream and also printed our menu on ecological paper.

We don’t want to stop here.

Latteria 2.0. serves its clients every day from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. (only on Sundays we open at 8 a.m.). We are situated in the small town of Borgo Verezzi, just two steps from the sea and beaches: but we already think about opening a new shop in Alassio (in March 2019).

Starting from the Riviera delle Palme, our idea is to present ourselves as an alternative that distinguishes itself from the numerous ice cream parlors and bars everywhere in the area as we offer variety as well as quality.

But we are ambitious and think big: our second goal (and we are already moving in the right direction) is to become a point of reference also in other regions of Italy by offering third parties the opportunity to replicate the Latteria 2.0. concept as a franchise.