What it means to join the Latteria 2.0. group

Latteria 2.0 is a format with the goal to offer a completely new bar concept, a concept that has been developed based on fundamental principle: first of all there is the quality.

It’s not just a simple bar, but a place for everybody, in which innovation and tradition combine the great coffee shop, pastry and ice cream parlor classics with new and desired flavours in order to satisfy every taste and increase the customer base.

With affiliation as well as our know-how we will provide you with the raw ingredients as well as the characteristic elements that will make your place unique. You will receive support for the first steps as well as the opening of the business. We will also take care of the communication on all the levels in order to help you reach the potential clients you wish you attract.


What the market needs

Breakfast at the bar: a sacred ritual for millions of Italians.

This is confirmed by the la FIPE (Italian Federation of Public Services) who states that “on average, 5.4 million Italians have breakfast at the bar with cappuccino and croissant (or brioche, depending in the region)”.

But the trend that predicts the increase of bar activities doesn’t involve just coffee and croissant: “indeed 1.3 million Italians – says the FIPE – also have a quick lunch in a bar.”

So, “outside of home” becomes a key factor for responding to the need of the public who, more than ever, considers the bar not just a place to eat, but also as a place, neat down to the last details, to gather with others.

If you are considering the chance to open your own bar as a franchise and if you are looking for support that is based on profound experience and constantly growing, Latteria 2.0. is just perfect for you.

A neat environment, a variety of product offers, and high quality raw ingredients: and all of this in addition to an elegant open plan laboratory.


What we offer you

By joining the Latteria 2.0. group and using an organized and winning business model, you will receive everything you need in order to stand out!

  • Transfer of our complete knowledge for the management of the facility.
  • Designing of the place.
  • Setting-up of the laboratory.
  • Setting-up of the lounge.
  • Raw ingredients supply.
  • Training and support.
  • Update of the menu.
  • Communication support.

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